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14% of students carry a weapon to school for self-defense, according to the CDC.  That means that in a school of 3,000 students, about 450 of them are armed and ready to use it. Our kids are anxious and suffering from isolation.  

We are doing something about it.  We've teamed up with Youth For Christ to bring Campus Life Lunch Clubs to schools.  Campus Life has created a place for all students, especially the isolated, to eat lunch together and discuss important topics, while creating peer friendships and allowing adults to mentor.

In our first year, 4 Campus Life mentoring clubs are up and running!  We've met over 400 students since September and our volunteers are mentoring them in a genuine and caring way.  Students report that they have more friends, they have adults who care about them, they are more hopeful for the future, and they love that they get to have fun in school!

6 more Broward schools have asked us to bring Campus Life to their students. We are eager to start as soon as we raise the funds to hire 2 part-time staff and gather the materials needed for club meetings and special events.  Our goal is to raise $20,000 to start these clubs.

We have one week to reach our goal of $20,000!  Will you help us?

You can Register to Rappel and fundraise on behalf of FTL YFC  or
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Learn how rappelling off a 10 story building can Stop Youth Violence!
4 min.  https://vimeo.com/388349994

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