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The Alpha Upsilon chapter of KA has called Ole Miss home for over 120 years. During that time, we have seen many veterans come in to the chapter and active members go off to bravely serve our great nation. Naturally, when we heard about the Independence Fund, we were eager to get involved. The Independence Fund is an organization that helps veterans overcome their mental and physical wounds incurred in the line of duty. The men of KA will be focusing on their “Mobility Program”. The program provides advanced “Track Chairs” for the men and women that suffered severe physical wounds. These chairs can help individuals regain independence in their daily lives and even give them the opportunity to take up old hobbies like golfing, hunting, hiking, etc. We are extremely passionate about this cause. Therefore, we have decided to take on the lofty goal of raising enough money for TWO Track Chairs ($40,000). We can’t wait to give back to the veteran community and we would greatly appreciate your support! 



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  • Anonymous March 2020 $50.00
  • Allen Crosthwait March 2020 $106.00
  • John Mayo March 2020 $100.00
  • Col William Merrell Go Jack! March 2020 $25.00
  • Hank Moore March 2020 $50.00
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  • Matt Thornton February 2020 $250.00
  • John Miles Good cause. February 2020 $212.00
  • V Courtlandt Smith February 2020 $160.00
  • Lisa Neal February 2020 $150.00
  • Anonymous February 2020 $150.00
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