The Great Skate 2021

Catherine Carter

January 31, 2021 - February 7, 2021

I'm Skating for A Dream Come True!


I'm skating to help make a Dream Come True - and I need your help!

The Dream Factory is so important for kids across Manitoba who are battling life-threatening illnesses. These kids desperately need a break from the routine of hospitals, medical treatments, and the very adult challenges that come along with their illness.

How incredible would it be to be able to make a dream come true for a child that could really use an extra boost of hope?

These are kids like Ben. Ben is currently fighting a chronic kidney disease and has an upcoming kidney transplant. His Dream was for the best 7th birthday party he could dream of - and that meant all of the LEGO sets you can imagine! ⠀

Here's what Ben's mom had to say about Ben's LEGO Birthday Dream: 

"It is so touching to see The Dream Factory and its donors make Ben's medical situation less difficult to handle. It really does make having the transplant less terrifying for him when he has something to look forward to afterwards. Knowing that he can dig into some Lego sets will have him asking "how many more days" in a good way! Without this silver lining having a transplant and the isolation required for it would be much harder to prepare for, especially at seven years old and in these pandemic times when staying at home will be ever-so critical for Ben."

How You Can Help

By donating to my fundraising effort, you will directly help to make a dream come true for child right here in our community bravely fighting a life-threatening illness. A child just like Ben. Whether it's a dream shopping spree, a trip to far off places (when it's safe to do so!), or a meet and greet with a hockey hero - together, we can bring a dream to life!

To be able to give the gift of a dream to a child in need is a truly wonderful thing. I would be so appreciative to have your support so that, together, we can bring a dream to life right here in our community.

Thank you – for helping to make a child's dream come true!





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