As the holidays are approaching, many There With Care families are facing the new challenges of a reduced income as often one parent has to quit their job to care for their sick child. The additional stresses of providing gifts or preparing a meal between treatments can make the holidays a particularly challenging time.


This year, due to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, we are restructuring our Holiday Care Programs to protect the families and community. Please help us now to be there for them and help reduce their worries as the holidays approach. You can choose how you would like to participate and offer support from the options below. You will also have the opportunity to include a personal note of care to the families. 

Holiday Season Meal

Provide the gift of a holiday meal for a family so that they can spend time together without the worry of shopping and meal prep while they are spending long days at the hospital or going to and from appointments. You choose the size of the family you would like to sponsor.

Holiday Season Family Package

Give the gift of a holiday meal for a family with holiday gift cards for each family member, saving them valuable time and resources when both are often lessened. This package provides extra holiday care to an entire family and alleviates their burdens while offering them a bit of normalcy.

Special Treats

Donate a gingerbread house, a gift wrapping kit or a cookie making kit as an add-on to a package or meal. You may also purchase any of these items individually as a special treat for a family during the holidays. These smaller gestures mean so much to families who are feeling isolated and alone as they face the critical illness of their child during an especially challenging time of year. Spread some cheer and let them know they are not alone.

Holiday Gift Card Giving

Holiday gift cards bring extra care to families for the holidays. This gift helps alleviate some of the financial stress many are experiencing due to the loss of income of one or more parents who must quit their job to care for their sick child.

Please consider helping to bring extra comfort and joy to families and children in a medical crisis this holiday season.