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Our office likes to do a yearly volunteer/gift project each year at the holidays to give back to the community, in lieu of any kind of office gift exchange. We have done a variety of projects and charities in the past. We did a food and fund drive for the Food bank last year and we volunteered. It was very inspiring to see the number of people the Food Bank helps on a regular basis.  We also learned that the money donated to the food bank can be stretched so far and help so many.  This year with the pandemic, an online virtual fund drive seemed the most logical option, especially with the need at an all time high.





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Bridget, a student and a bar manager, was laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I’m laid off and I’m actually a student. I’m trying to graduate. I graduate in two weeks and my school is actually the one that told me about this [distribution].” Providing for her daughter and herself is challenging when there is no work, but she is grateful that the drive-up distributions are able to provide a little extra assistance. “It’s to help my daughter and I. It means a lot. We need it to survive and I’m the full-time employee…I support both of us.”

Stories of how your donation will make an impact in the lives of your neighbors experiencing hunger:

Large Scale Distribution April, 2020

Curtis and Audrey are doing their best to make ends meet, but the COVID-19 pandemic is making that a challenge. While Audrey waited for her disability to come through, Curtis had been working at a hotel and a local restaurant, but is furloughed from both right now. “I’ve been not working for about a year and a half now waiting for disability and he’s been furloughed from his job since March. Anything we can do to get a little help, we’re very appreciative of it.” Audrey has growing concerns about the virus, but is thankful for the help they were able to receive through the drive-up distribution.