You Can Express the Kindness of Jesus Through Critical Aid

Most of us have everything we could possibly need. We do not think twice about the things we require for survival. Even things we consider basic items like blankets, eyeglasses, and hygiene items, we can easily acquire.

However, in many areas around the world, people live without items we would consider common and essential because they have no choice. Their access to these supplies is limited or impossible.

You can make a difference by providing Survival Kits that include essential critical aid like those listed below. These items help meet physical needs and also open the door for the eternal hope of Jesus to be shared.

Each Survival Kit will be tailored to the needs of people in specific communities and will be personally delivered by our local staff members and partners. At the right time, the eternal hope of Jesus will be shared. Together with your friends and family, you can be a difference-maker in the life a person by relieving suffering, restoring dignity, and revealing hope!

Each $35 Survival Kit is customized by local field partners to meet the needs of the people they serve.

Kits contain critical aid such as:

  • Water filters (to avoid water-borne illnesses)
  • Blankets (a soft place to lie all year and critical for warmth in winter months)
  • Tarps for shelter
  • School supplies (to give access to schools and other education opportunities)
  • Hygiene items like soap, toothbrushes, and shampoo

Through your partnership, Unto® relieves suffering, restores dignity, and reveals hope to people living in the toughest places on earth. We accomplish our mission, in partnership with international Cru® ministries, through three programs: Food and Agriculture, Clean Water, and Critical Aid. Our partners at Cru work in more than 191 countries around the world.

There Is Hope — and It Begins With You

One of the simplest and most effective ways you can save lives is by providing critical aid. God is using support from caring people like you to assist people living in hard-to-reach places. And you can open the door for sharing the eternal hope of Jesus!

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  3. Share with your friends.

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