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My Lupus journey officially began 8 years ago just a few short weeks before the birth of my first daughter.  The issues with my hands & forearms had gotten bad enough that I had to know what was happening.  Prior to my career as an insurance underwriter and educator, I was a professional touring drummer / percussionist and educator.  It was during my time as a drummer that I started to have issues with my hands and arms so I naturally assumed that all the years of practicing, playing and touring (moving heavy gear etc) was going to be the contributing factor(s) to my symptoms.

Hearing the term Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) for the first time felt both scary and relieving all at once….. Relief that I now knew what had been causing many years of issues, pain, and discomfort.  Fear in that I now knew I had a systemic disease with no known cause and no known cure. 8 years on and I'm still learning about my body, how it reacts to certain stresses or activities, and what things may help calm a flare should one arise.  Everyday is different and challenging in it's own unique way..... having understanding / supporting daughters, family, friends and colleagues makes each day seem normal!

Please take some time to learn more about this cruel and mysterious disease.  Every dollar counts in this fight so the smallest of donations means everything.  Please also check with your employer as many companies offer a match on donations, meaning your $1 can turn into $2.  With the Walk being virtual this year an anonymous donor is matching all contributions - so that $2 can now turn into $4!!!!

Some Lupus related statistics:

  • 1 in 4 people with Lupus are either temporarily or permanently disabled
  • only 31% of adults with Lupus are employed full time
  • the average annual cost of living with Lupus is $21,000 and can TRIPLE if kidney issues arise
  • 15% of people with Lupus are children / 90% of all Lupus patients are women
  • 6 years is the average time for a proper diagnosis


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