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What a crazy year it has been.  

My heart goes out to all of those who have lost friends and/or family members to COVID-19.  Working in a hospital, I have seen the devastation first hand. 

I can honestly say that there have been many times that I have questioned my career choice.  I often wonder how long I will be able to sustain this level of stress and fatigue.  
The stress and fatigue have been unimaginable for all hospital workers, especially those of us with chronic fatigue and autoimmune disorders.  

Only my kids and husband see when I come home at 3pm and go to bed immediately (for the rest of the night).  They are the only ones that know when it's painful for me to move.
Every day lupus sufferers have to decide how much they're going to push themselves that day.  Can I push further today?  Or will it set me back for the next 2-3 days?  
My body likes to let me know I need to slow down and rest...unfortunately it lets me know by three main things usually:   
   1. Hurting all over 
   2. Migraines    
   3. Crazy fatigue

Each day I have to gauge how I'm feeling and how hard I pushed myself the day before.  It's nearly impossible to push my hardest two days in a row, yet that is what work and society want me to do every day.

How long can a healthy person push themselves to the max?  What goes through your mind when someone isn't pushing themselves to the max?  When someone takes a break, or a nap?  Are they lazy?  Unmotivated?  Careless?

Or are they just like me, with an invisible disease?

Next time someone tells you they need a nap or need to rest, take a minute to acknowledge your reaction.  Now think about how your reaction would make a person with lupus feel...a person like me.

Thank you to all of those who read my posts every year.  It means a lot that you would take a couple minutes to see what is in my heart.  Thank you as well to all of my supporters.

💜 Sarah 

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