Make a Difference in a Child's Life Through Your Personal Donation to KCF's "Walk for Education"!

Your personal donation is tax deductible and is gratefully received on behalf of Kaleidoscope Child Foundation and the disadvantaged children here and around the world who will benefit from your gift. Thank you!

The Impact Your Donation Makes

Your donation to Kaleidoscope Child Foundation's "Walk for Education" will change lives for the better. And the impact will be felt around the world!

The funds collected from this event will be used to pay teacher salaries, buy books and school supplies, maintain buildings and equipment, and more. Recently, generous contributors provided the monies necessary for building a proper school building for children in India. Construction is now underway! KCF also pays for wells in Cambodia and water filtration systems in Guatemala. Why? Children without a source of safe drinking water are prone to illness and can't attend classes. We have found that access to fresh water is a critical component to the success of our mission.

We appreciate everything you do for these children!


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