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Elizabeth Breslin

November 9, 2021 - January 1, 2022

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Hello and thanks for taking a moment to read my story and consider supporting the United Way.

Growing up in North Carolina and living in Florida, I'd always known the United Way to play an important role in sustaining our community's social and economic fabric so supporting their efforts is an easy choice.  

Last year my brother, Steven, a career Air Force and Army veteran, began working for Mission United, a United Way program that enables military veterans and their families to successfully acclimate back to civilian life.  From him, I hear about the extraordinary challenges his fellow Veterans face that Mission United aims to solve for...from housing and employment resources through accessing benefits and healthcare.  As a Case Manager, he says, the most important part of his work is 'being someone who understands, firsthand, what it means to serve, what it feels like to sacrifice, and how difficult coming back can be.'   Supporting the United Way has become personal for our family because his mission is made possible by the generosity of donors to the United Way.  

Having moved from Florida to Los Angeles in 2020, I've come to understand that our community, for all its opportunity and prosperity, faces an inordinate number of extraordinary challenges...some seemingly insurmountable.  Education, housing, and financial security are everything.   If ever there were a mission made for United Way, it is meeting this moment here in LA. 

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