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Yardies for LA

November 9, 2021 - January 1, 2022

Yardies for LA - Making LA a better place

Out of Many, One People

"Out of Many, One People" is Jamaica's National Motto. It recognizes the beautiful diverse make up of Jamaican people and the different cultures and ethnicities brought together to form one of the most vibrant and admired cultures worldwide. Los Angeles is quite similiar to Jamaica in respects to its diverse make up and melting pot of different cultures. 

Yardies for LA celebrates diversity and equity in community impact for Los Angeles as we believe in Housing, Education and Opportunity for ALL. 

We walk because even before Covid-19, nearly 1.5 million people in our region lived below the poverty line. It’s more clear than ever that homelessness cannot be solved in a vacuum, and the root causes of poverty are undeniably linked. Without efforts to improve our systems of education, employment and housing, along with solutions to end homelessness, more people will continue to fall into homelessness faster than our systems can move them out.

The pandemic made the situation even worse, especially for our Black and Brown neighbors.

  • Black people make up only 8% of the total L.A. County population, but are 33% of people experiencing homelessness and 40% of the senior homeless population.
  • On average, Latinx and Black LAUSD students were less active in online classes, with 67% of Black and Latinx middle schoolers able to participate regularly, compared to 88-89% of their white and Asian peers.
  • In L.A. County, 60% of Black households and over 70% of Latinx households report experiencing “serious financial problems” during the pandemic.


We walk because we want to help our neighbors hardest hit by the pandemic.





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