Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Walk, Roll, or Stroll look like this year? To ensure the health and safety of our community, we will be "walking, rolling and strolling" virtually this year in support of MHKC. With this new opportunity, comes some new ways to have fun! This year, check out the two ways you can enjoy this fun-filled event! 

-Sept 7-12th   Get ready, get set, go!  From Sept 7-12th, set your walking goal and get outside. Whether you choose to walk a 1k or go for gold with a goal of walking a marathon by the end of the week, this is the perfect opportunity to do what works best for you! Ask your friends and family to support you by donating to each mile you achieve towards your goal this week. Customized MHKC stickers will be given for each goal you hit (1k, 5k, 10k, 15k and Marathon).

-Sept 13th Miss the fun of being with everyone?! Join us on Sept 13th as we all walk together (virtually). Whether you want to walk the traditional 5k (3500 steps) or just log in to Facebook to check out the fun, know that your fellow MHKC friends will be out in support of this fun event!  Warm up with us at 10:15am and then get moving with a 10:30am start.  We will be sharing fun videos of everyone walking along with other surprises! Who knows, maybe we will even be able to get Ebeneezer to join us this year?!  

-Sept 14th  Tune in to social media on Sept 14th as we share the results from this wonderful event! Winners will be announced along with videos that were shared from participants.  

Where is this year's Walk, Roll, or Stroll?
This year's event will be held virtually. We will be sharing suggested course routes around Portland and surrounding communities throught the summer so don't forget to check back! 

How will I keep track of miles?
There are a lot of easy ways to track your miles. Did you know that 3,500 steps is the same as 5k?! Check out Map My or even using your FitBit or Apple Watch. You can also keep a log of all the miles that you walk this week and share with your supporters! 

What are the incentives this year?
We are glad you asked! Not only will you be able to win some cool stuff but there are stickers to boot! Check back in a little while to find out what those incentives are!

How do I get those super cool stickers for walking each milestone?
Once you completed your milestone (1k or .62 miles)(5k or 3.1 miles)(10k or 6.2 miles)(15k or 9.3 miles)(Marathon or 26.2 miles) during the week of Sept 7-12th, email Alicia at by Wednesday Sept 16th so that we can order your sticker and give you a virtual high five for your accomplishment! 

Want to get all 5 stickers? No problem! You too can be a MHKC marathoner! No need to do it all at once, try breaking it up by walking 4-5 miles every day that week to reach the elusive 26.2! 

When and how will I get my incentives and stickers?
All participants who hit their incentive goals by July 31st will have their items ordered and ready for pick up at a Pick Up Party at the PDX office at the end of August (date to be determined). Any participants who hit their incentive goals after that order cut off, we have their order sent in after the event closes and will be available for pick up end of Sept/early October. 

Is there a registration fee?
No! Registration for this event is free, although we do encourage each participant to raise funds for Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp (MHKC).

How can I register for the event?
Click here to start the registration process. Click "Register as a Fundraising Participant" to create your account and start fundraising!

How do I start or join a team?
During the registration process, you will be asked if you would like to start a team or join an existing team. If you'd like to join an existing team, simply select one from the drop down menu.

Who can join in on the Walk, Roll, or Stroll?
Anyone! All campers, counselors, summer staff members, camper friends and family members, Kiwanians, and supporters of MHKC are welcome at the Walk, Roll, or Stroll.

How do I fundraise for the event?
There are so many ways to fundraise! You can ask on social media, send emails to your coworkers, host a car wash or bake sale, collect bottles and cans, and ask your friends and family members for donations. You can download the full fundraising guide here.

Do I win prizes if I fundraise?
Yes! Fundraising prizes this year will include t-shirts, sunglasses, hoodies, and NEW limited edition joggers. More details to come!

Do I have to fundraise to attend this event?
No, but we encourage everyone to fundraise as we do not charge a registration fee.

Why should I fundraise?
We hope you fundraise because you love MHKC! All funds raised at this event help support Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp, and allows over 500 campers with disabilities to enjoy the outdoors without limitations each year.

How do I make a donation to a walker or a team?
Click here to start the donation process. Be sure to click the "Search for a Participant or Team" to make sure your favorite participant or team gets credit for your donation!

If you have any other questions, please contact Skye Burns, Development & Communications Director, at or at (971) 230-2928.