Please consider these projects as you either (1) register to participate in the Prayer Journey and join a 'project team', or (2) sponsor a friend who is participating in the Prayer Journey.

New Region Mobilization | Goal: $8,000

Sam and Brad need your help to plant seeds in new cities, in faith that God will raise up MoveIn teams from the local Church. Funding for this project will be used to conduct research, lead Vision Trips, and initiate strategic relationships in new regions this year, including: USA, Africa, Australia, Latin America, and South Asia.

Project Leaders: Sam and Brad

Eastern Canada Vision Trip | Goal: $8,000

The Fischhoffs are headed out to the East Coast, visiting teams, partners, and key people in cities like Ottawa, Montreal, Fredericton, and Halifax. Help support this Vision Trip as we plant seeds for MoveIn across the Eastern coast of our beautiful nation.

Project Leader: Mike Fischhoff

MoveIner Care Fund | $10,000

MoveIners are givers. They have moved into their neighbourhoods because they want to pray and make disciples. There will always be costs to this emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Martha and her team seek to encourage current MoveIners so they can be healthy in these areas and, ultimately, stay in their neighbourhoods. Funds will go towards pest control, gifts, opportunities for retreat, personal visits and more. Help us help over 350 MoveIners in ways we've never been able to!

Project Leader: Martha Homenuke

Japan Vision Trip | $5,000

The amount of Christ followers in Japan is less than 1%, making it one of the most unreached countries in the world. While it is economically prosperous overall, there remains certain areas that are plagued by poverty. Funding for this project will go towards Tolani Vision Trip for further research into target neighborhoods and partnership development in Japan.

Project Leader: Tolani Makanjuola