About Spectrum360

Spectrum360 serves children, adolescents, young adults and adults on the autism spectrum and with behavioral and related disabilities. Spectrum360 and its programs are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Originating as an orphanage in 1882, Spectrum360 evolved into a school for students with disabilities in 1963 and has been a pioneer in serving individuals with special learning needs for more than fifty years.  Today, Spectrum360 includes comprehensive programs for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and related disabilities. This includes two non profit schools, Academy360 Lower and Upper Schools, approved by the NJ State Board of Education, serving children ranging in age from 3-21; Independence360 (I360), serving adults 21 and over, approved by the Department of Developmental Disabilities, Medicaid and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Additional programs include FilmAcademy360 and CulinaryAcademy360, which provide vocational training. 

Spectrum360’s mission is to provide the highest quality educational and therapeutic programs for individuals with learning, language, social and emotional challenges to achieve their maximum potential. Spectrum360 serves as a nonprofit leader in promoting innovative programs for children, adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum and with related disabilities through innovative special education, therapeutic and vocational programs. 

Spectrum360 provides services to children, adolescents and adults from over 100 communities throughout Northern and Central New Jersey, including Essex, Morris, Union, Passaic, Hudson, Bergen, Middlesex and adjoining counties that are unable to provide the special programs and services they require. We serve adults on the full range of the autism spectrum from cognitive low functioning to high functioning adults with asperger syndrome and other related disabilities. Individuals serve represent diverse ethnic, racial and socio-economic backgrounds.

To learn more about Spectrum360 and its programs, please visit spectrum360.org.

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Kerry Guzman, Development Director
kguzman@spectrum360.org 973-509-3050 x237

Erin Mortara, Development Coordinator emortara@spectrum360.org  973-509-3050 x285