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I am raising epilepsy awareness and funds in loving memory of my Angel Alivia Jude Cisman 8/12/14 – 5/18/15.

Before Alivia got sick, I never knew how horrible of a disease epilepsy was.  I always thought that a person has seizures, then they take their medicine and they were better.  I never knew that children and even infants can get epilepsy.  I never knew it could claim lives.  I never knew it would claim my daughter’s life.

Now, I know the ugly truth about epilepsy.  I know how scary it is for a mother to watch her child uncontrollably twitch, contract and phase out of reality.  I know how much it hurts a mother to see her child completely faded on medicine and sedated into a coma with tubes coming out of her child’s every orifice.  I know how a mother’s heart breaks every time she sees medical intervention scars on her child’s new skin and to see pinholes and bruises every square inch on her child’s arms and legs.  I know how a mother’s heart stops beating every time she sees her child turn blue from lack of oxygen during a seizure.  I know now.

I know, now, how I can help children who live with and are fighting an ugly battle against epilepsy every day.  I am walking on February 6th, 2016 and I am raising money to support the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona in loving memory of my baby, Alivia Jude Cisman.

Please join me in helping raise awareness and funds to support the Epilepsy Foundation of AZ.  Click the Donate Now button to donate directly to my fundraising efforts and help us reach our goal.





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