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Epilepsy is something that has affected both of our families but it's not merely a genetic factor for us.  Incidences of head trauma have brought on epilepsy in my family as it began for my brother when he was in his early 20's. After surviving a brutal attack he was left with not just epilepsy but a degenerative brain disorder, which makes him forget things.  As for my sister, it is unclear how she developed epilepsy but was facing grand mal (tonic-clonic) seizures during her fifth pregnancy. To this day, she still has to take medication.  I also have a cousin who has had epilepsy since birth but never had any grand mal seizures until she was in grade school. Up until that point, no one ever knew she was even having seizures since the only sign of it was dilation of her eyes and forgetfulness (absence seizures). Todd also has a brother who suffers from epilepsy due to the use of forceps at birth.  He has endured many brain surgeries and takes medication daily to keep the seizures under control.   


For these people close to us, we would like to participate in this walk, raise some money and awareness, and quite frankly... we could use some fresh air, and exercise too.  :-)


Please join me in helping raise awareness and funds to support the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona. Click the Donate Now button to donate directly to my fundraising efforts and help me reach my goal.





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