65 million people world-wide have epilepsy, of those one-third live with uncontrolled seizures because no available treatment works against their seizures. 20 million people in the U.S. suffer from epilepsy.* 50 thousand people die in the U.S., every year, from epilepsy and epilepsy-related causes.**


Despite those daunting statistics, epilepsy remains widely misunderstood, underfunded, and stigmatized.  However, we can help bring illumination and change to the world of epilepsy.  Walk and/or donate to the Arizona Walk for Epilepsy.  All funds go to the Epilepsy Foundation.  See you at the Walk!


*Taken from http://www.epilepsy.com/learn/about-epilepsy-basics

**Taken from the NewsWeek Cover Article, "A Storm in the Brain"

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  • Barbi and John Buchanan A seizure makes you feel like "a duck out of water"--you think "the blind are calling the blind blind"--you're positive you're "not the sharpest light bulb in the box." All that can change if everyone gives just a little to ENOW and this year's Walk for E January 2016 $250.00
  • Anonymous I'm praying for you. February 2016 $100.00
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