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Every dollar counts towards achieving our goal of $74,000 for the 2021 Walk For The Animals event. Why is this event important? Because the money raised goes directly into the care and well-being of the animals that we serve at the shelter. Even if you decide this isn't the year for you to help raise funds by walking, you can be a huge impact on the animals by donating and promoting the event. Your gift will ensure that the needs of the animals are met - medically, behaviorally, as well as day-to-day care such as food, enrichment, and love. See below for information on exactly how your donations impact the animals.

Want to know how your donation impacts the animals?

Even if you choose not to register and become a fundraiser for the Walk For The Animals online event, you can help us reach our goal for the care and feeding of the animals in the shelter. Did you know that APS of Durham cared for nearly 5,000 animals last year? On any given day, we have approximately 250 animals in our care. We are fortunate to have a full-time veterinarian and three medical technicians on staff at the shelter to provide for the daily medical needs of the animals entrusted to us, which is unique for many shelters.

Your financial support assists in providing food, medical care, enrichment opportunities and more for the animals we shelter. Your donations go a long way:

  • $278 is the average cost of care for one animal’s length of stay
  • $250 is the cost to treat one dog for heartworms
  • $150 is the average medical care costs for one animal
  • $100 is what is costs to feed our animals for one day
  • $65 is the cost of a spay/neuter surgery for adoptable animals
  • $30 is what it takes for us to test a cat for Feline Leukemia/FIV
  • $25 is the cost to microchip one animal in our care

Please donate today to help support the care we provide for Durham's neediest animals. 

Your support makes a world of difference.  Thank you!

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