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MAJOR UPDATE from Mary, Jim, and Sophie matching donations today through Nov 10th!

We are SO THRILLED to be able to thank Mary Shackelford, Jim Burke, and Sophie Suberman who have very generously pledged $4,500 in matching donations so that we may reach our goal of $15,000 for this year’s fund drive!

What does that mean? That means that for every $1 you give (up to $4,500) by November 10th, your donation will be matched! So if you donate $25, you’ll actually be raising $50 for Woman’s Way Red Lodge!

We’re so close to our goal of $15,000! What can you do to raise the thermometer on our fundraising page?

For some it’s a financial contribution and for others it’s all about other energetic and social resources. Are you able to share this exciting news with your network by sending a link to this page? 

You matter to us. The needs of this community matter to us. We pledge to continue to strive towards co-creating a new paradigm for positive change in our communities through quality community events like sweat lodges, non-sweat lodges, crone and sage mentorships, member outreach with new communications, as well as leadership and ceremony training opportunities.

Thank YOU for walking in woman’s way and carrying our mission into your community. You are a beautiful and unique example of the positive change that occurs when one person stands up and takes action. Never ever doubt that what you do, and what you give makes a difference- it does! Even as you may feel your contribution is too small to matter, we assure you that it does matter. Each snowflake adds to covering the land in a blanket of white beauty.

Reaching our goal this year will allow us to:

  • Continue funding Heather Clayton, our communications director (read: woman of magic and grace) to coordinate and market our members' offerings and continue rocking our website and behind the scenes technology needs
  • NEW: Fund an administrative assistant to support expansion, growth and timeliness!
  • Pay for the technology and physical spaces to support Hoops, sacred gatherings, and events

We are grateful for any donation you are able to give to this organization that is so close to all our hearts and hope that if you choose to donate $25 or more, you will become a member and access member benefits, membership pricing on any of our offerings, and share your own genius with us in support of you, our organization and our community.

To donate and join Woman's Way Red Lodge, click here. To donate only, click here.

If you have any questions, please reach out. We would love to connect.

With much heartfelt gratitude,

The Woman’s Way Red Lodge Board ~

What brings joy and makes the world come alive?

Generate. Co-Create.

The past year has been an amazing time of regneration and renewal. Your heartfelt contributions have made a personal impact in the lives of individuals all over the world. You are truly co-creating a new paradigm for positive change in your community. 

With your help, 2018 will bring forward many opportunities for more world-changing Beauty, and we invite you to make an impact by contributing to our annual 2017 Fund Drive.

Get involved in 6 easy and fun ways:

1. Register and create a fundraising page in honor of Woman's Way Red Lodge.

2. Volunteer in your community and invite your friends to participate.

3. Send us photos at We want to watch our generous community members in action!

4. Ask your network to join you in making a donation - let them know that by sponsoring your time and energy, they are empowering leaders and building community. 

5. Attend our October Leadership workshops. Learn from wise, empowered leaders in our community and 10% of your contribution goes directly into the Leadership Fund. 

6. Donate! You can donate to us directly here. You can also gift a membership to a friend, or donate in honor of someone.

The money we raise each year directly helps our community connect through Morning Circle, local Hoops, special events and programs, partnerships, and tools to connect to the sacred in personal ways.

These pieces of profound warmth happen only because of the support and contributions from people like you. 

Make a difference in the world. Please take time today to renew your membership, make a contribution to the Hearth or Leadership Fund, take an active role in WWRL, and invite others to become a member with you.

You make positive change in the world. You stand with the WWRL 15 Principles to create a new paradigm. You co-create beauty. Thank you for Be-ing so!

With much Love, Light, Peace, and Joy,

GinaMarie Byars, WWRL Chair





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