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Let's Show Them We Mean Business.

For the last three years, the global elite have been laughing in our faces.  First they shut down the economy, then they shut down our schools and tried to force a muzzle on the face of every man, woman, and child.  Next came the shots, putting so many of us in the terrible position of choosing between our faith and our health, or our livelihoods.  When schools finally reopened, they ramped up the toxic indoctrination of our children to levels never before seen, completely ignoring the objections of parents.  Finally they orchestrated an economic collapse that was designed in large part to put a stop to all of our efforts to fight back.  Or so they thought.

They know that the one place we are still winning victories is in the courts, but they also know that litigation is expensive business.  Be that as it may, it is OUR business.  As a nonprofit public interest law firm, we are dedicated to the mission of restoring to you the liberties that our forefathers fought so valiantly to defend, some to the point of death.  Whether it's an attack on free speech, your religious beliefs, or your right to raise your child as you see fit, we will never bow to the tyrants who are working overtime to destroy every last shred of our Constitution and our American values.  

That's why this year we are asking you to dig deep, and help us show them that WE MEAN BUSINESS.  With $500,000, we could file 5-10 new lawsuits, or hire 3-4 full-time staff attorneys.  We could host conferences all across the nation to bring together Patriots and nationally-recognized leaders in the fight to regain our freedoms.  We could vastly increase the reach of our podcast, Faithful Freedom with Teryn Gregson, and launch new podcasts and special broadcast events. 

We know that giving has been a challenge this year, but with your help we can finish strong and set the stage for an amazing 2023.  May God bless every one of you this Christmas season, and in the year ahead.

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