Bonnie Needed a Bed, not Another Bill

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I want to tell you about Bonnie, a remarkable woman who stayed with us recently.

Bonnie and her husband of 56 years were excited about their canoe trip down the Rifle River. A chance to relax and make happy memories with their children and grandchildren ... 

She never thought she’d spend the next five weeks watching her husband fight for his life. People like Bonnie urgently need your help! 

It stormed the day the family drove their RV to the campground. The manager advised them to wait a day or two to let the river go down before launching their canoes. Just to be safe.

They busied themselves around the campsite. Her husband was concerned about branches that fell on the RV’s slide, so he climbed up the ladder to check.

That’s when Bonnie heard the crash. 

Her husband fell on top of the ladder, breaking his back and suffering a brain bleed. Paramedics rushed him and Bonnie to Ascension St. Mary’s Hospital in Saginaw, hours from their home.

Bonnie was wracked with worry and exhaustion. But she knew she couldn’t go far with her husband so close to death ... 

Can you imagine what Bonnie went through? What it’s like to face a life-threatening situation with no place to go? And few, if any, loved ones nearby to comfort you. 

No one in this position should have to curl up in a chair in the waiting room. Or sleep in their cars. Yet, thousands do because they can’t afford to stay in a hotel — for days or even weeks — and pay the skyrocketing cost of health care, prescriptions, and restaurants. 

Will you give them much-needed rest with your best, year-end gift to Hospital Hospitality House of Saginaw?

Thanks to people like you, we’ve fulfilled a vital need for almost 40 years: to provide comfortable and affordable lodging to family members, caregivers, and patients. But this year, we’ve seen demand for our services rise sharply! 

Your generous gift will help us meet this new demand and maintain a high standard of care. In Bonnie’s case, that meant a sparkling clean room, complimentary toiletries, a fully-stocked kitchen, laundry facilities, and a 24/7 shuttle to and from the hospital. 

Plus, you’ll ensure guests with limited financial means are never turned away.

Bonnie calls her stay with us a “blessing.” Her basic needs were met, and our community of family members and patients experiencing similar crises helped her feel a little less alone while she waited for her husband to slowly heal. 

This holiday season, please find it in your heart to bring comfort to another family in crisis by making a tax-deductible gift to HHH of Saginaw. We’ll put it to work immediately!

Thank you for caring so much for others, 

Jamie King
Executive Director

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