Marsha Beyer, a long-time supporter of There With Care, is back to collaborate with eight local and national artists for Art + Love Collide: Series 2.

Each artist is donating their time to create unique works of art based on a provided Louis Vuitton piece. These one-of-a-kind artistic creations will be auctioned at the Art + Love Collide: Series 2 event on Thursday, February 9, 2023, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m at Black Lab Sports in Boulder.

The proceeds from each unique piece of art will directly support There with Care and the families they serve. This event will be free, with sips and snacks provided by local purveyors. 

Sponsorship opportunities for the event are available from $500-$2,000. Contact Marsha Beyer at for more information.

The Artists


Sarah Ayala | Fort Worth, TX | Website

Sarah Ayala lives and creates in the Fort Worth Cultural District. She specializes in geometrical patterns and traditional lettering. Sarah takes inspiration from world philosophies and religions, including her Latinx culture. You can find her work in publications, around town in public murals, and within local and national art collectives. She aims to make art more accessible to the public, by working on projects with community partners like the Amon Carter Museum of American Art and serving on the board of directors at Artes de la Rosa Cultural Center.

Will Day | Boulder, CO | Website

Day begins each new work by rolling unprimed raw canvas out on the floor. Primarily working with oil and acrylics, he creates textures and layers with various tools, discovering relationships between the colors and the unexpected structures. His paintings, which tower above their viewers, are monoliths of creative freedom projecting to the world Day’s belief in the sublime powers of color and form. Inspired by hope and beauty, burgeoned by his own personal struggles, Day is an artist whose eyes are fixed firmly on the horizon. After September 11th, 2001, when Day’s wife Aimee, survived the collapse of the World Trade Towers, Day left a career in finance and studied architecture at PRATT Institute, which ultimately lead him to become a painter.

Steven Hook | Longmont, CO | Website

Steven Hook develops his distinctive style from the streets as well as the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. His work has been described as kinetic, emotional, bold, and original.

Julie Maren | Boulder, CO | Website

Colorado native and Boulder-based artist, Julie Maren, originally began her career as a painter and stone carver. However, her desire to combine the two and blur the boundaries of both led to an intense period of experimentation known around her home as “The Emergency.” During this time, she cut up her paintings with a jigsaw to reconfigure them into large dimensional collages, took up ceramics, and began experimenting with filling acorn caps with paint. Ultimately, this journey led her to the wall-based installations she is now focused on creating. As an artist, Maren is driven by materials and experimentation, color and pattern, microscopic and macroscopic perspectives, and creating depth, both dimensional and illusionary. Loose narratives are often woven throughout her works, expressed through color and her unique vocabulary of imagery and symbolism.

Heather Schulte | Boulder, CO | Website

Heather Schulte is an artist, mother, writer and community gatherer in Colorado. Her work utilizes common and domestic materials (like thread, fabric, newspapers, rugs, paper, newspapers, or acrylic glass) to emphasize language as a fundamental human tool, whether spoken, written, thought, gestured, or typed; communication is an essential part of both intimate and public life. It can connect and divide, wound and heal, build up or tear down, hide and reveal. These dynamic materials form a complex webs of abstract shapes, sounds and gestures, in and from which we place and receive meaning. Schulte's collaborative projects catalyze the power of bringing unique individuals and diverse voices together to create complex narratives around the issues of our day.

Danielle SeeWalker | Denver, CO | Website

Danielle SeeWalker is Húŋkpapȟa Lakȟóta and a citizen of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota. She is an artist, writer, activist, and boymom of two, based in Denver, Colorado. Her visual artwork often incorporates the use of mixed media and experimentation while incorporating traditional Native American materials, scenes, and messaging. Her artwork pays homage to her identity as a Lakȟóta wíŋyaŋ (woman) and her passion to redirect the narrative to an accurate and insightful representation of contemporary Native America while still acknowledging historical events.

Bill Snider | Boulder, CO | Website

The universe is a moving, spinning place ..... I have always been drawn to things that conveyed this energy. As a university student focusing on kinetic sculpture, as a filmmaker and now as a painter, this kinetic energy is central to my work. I build up layers of paint, combine metallic elements and play them off against hard-edge graphics to keep this movement alive in a dynamic built on contrast and juxtaposition.

Andrew Velie | Albuquerque, NM | Website

Professionally, Andrew is one of the lead vultures for the "Transformation Re-incarnation Project" (T.R.I.P.). He is actively involved in the process of restoring an ancient sculpture known as the Bodhisattva of Compassion along with its altar space from the Buddhist Fa Yun monastery in Angel Fire, New Mexico. In Andrew's personal affairs, his dedication to spirituality coincides with his artistic practice as he incorporates nature's gifts, such as non-raptorial feathers and bones, to create mixed media pieces.

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