Holiday Tribute Card Order Form Directions

Step One: Please select your donation amount to be given on behalf of your gift recipient and fill out your contact information. Holiday Tribute Cards are a minimum $25.00 donation

Step Two: Fill in your text below on the form and enter your gift recipient's information including mailing address so the holiday card can be sent. We're happy to add in the donation amount being given on behalf of your holiday card recipient.

Step Three: After completing the form, please fill out the payment portion at the bottom. 

Holiday Tribute Cards will be sent starting December 6, 2021. Deadline to send by Christmas is December 20th. Any donations made after December 21st may not be received by Christmas.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to have mulitiple people (5 or more) on your gift list receive a tribute card, please email Cathy Rodgers,