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All over the world, the Harmony Fund is fueling volunteers who provide safety and shelter for animals who fall victims to hunger, cruelty and homelessness. In any given month, we're reaching out to a couple dozen rescue squads with help to purchase food, veterinary medicines, spay/neuter, anti-poaching patrols, repairs to crumbling sanctuary buildings and much more. We run a lean operation spending a full 89% of donations directly on animal rescue and humane education. In the poorest places on earth, in the darkest corners where cruelty abounds, we bring your donations to the animals who need it most. Thank you a million times over for your donation which can be made on this page or by clicking the Paypal link below. THANK YOU!!!!

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Please send a check to the Harmony Fund at 800 Main Street, Suite 217, Holden, MA 01520 USA