5th Annual Longest Day of Golf


Registration and donation is closed, but you can still support us with a donation by clicking http://rsds.org/donate.

Thank you for supporting our Longest Day of Golf with your donation.

For the past 38 years, RSDSA has faithfully served the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) community. We provide up-to-date information, compassionate support, and funding for research while continuing to look for a cure.  One of our major fundraising events, the Longest Day of Golf, will take place on September 19th. Our golfer, Tony Consiglio, will complete as many holes as possible from 7AM to 7PM.

I know it is important to know where your donation dollars go. Below are just a few of the initiatives that RSDSA funds with your help.

  • Because of Covid, we have not held in-person conferences. Instead, RSDSA provides current information and support by offering webinars via Facebook Live. To date, we have hosted more than 50 presentations on the science, treatments, and pain management of CRPS. Our YouTube Channel has over 1 million views as our webinars are viewed across the globe. The RSDSA website is visited more than 10,000 times each month by both newly diagnosed and longstanding CRPS Warriors for information and guidance.
  • Through our Maria’s and Jenkins Funds, more than $131,000 in financial assistance has been supplied to those with CRPS for medical bills, transportation to appointments, insurance, and housing.
  • We also sponsored Pediatric Pain Week In the past, this has meant a Camp for Courageous Kids where kids with CRPS and a family member could spend a week at sleepaway camp having fun, conquering challenges they would never dreamed of before  and meeting other kids. Recently, RSDSA launched a virtual alternative to CCK, Zoe’s Virtual Zoomalong Camp.  There, campers actively participate in interactive sessions and together, they can watch each other laugh, smile, and develop friendships with people who “get it.” Living in chronic pain is difficult for anyone but seeing children in chronic pain is heartbreaking.. Pediatric Pain Week and Zoey’s Zoom  along is a perfect distraction for these families from their daily struggles. It also gives them HOPE and the opportunity to make connections.
  • In September, RSDSA is sponsoring a translational research meeting in Toronto. The critical research question is “Which treatments work for which sub-types of CRPS?” We propose that the efficacy of CRPS interventions could be improved by using a precision medicine approach, in which treatments are targeted based on a patient’s CRPS subtype and the presumed mechanisms contributing to CRPS in that patient. That could be the key to funding the studies required to produce meaningful, relevant, and statistically robust results.

Join RSDSA for our 5th Annual Longest Day of Golf on September 19th, 2022, to support individuals and families who live with CRPS every day. Living with CRPS is incredibly difficult. Every day, we help people with CRPS find the best treatment and learn to live fulfilling, functioning lives despite their unrelenting pain.