Counseling Assistance Fund:  $2000/month = $24,000/year

Many people looking for counseling do not have the means to afford it.  The Counseling Assistance Fund removes that financial barrier.  This fund enables clients to pay with dignity using a sliding scale based on family size and income, while the fund covers the remainder of each counseling session fee.



Group Fund:  $3000/month = $36,000/year  (See below for Group Amounts)

Because our groups are not temporary classes but ongoing communities, charging participants to attend is prohibitive.  By covering the cost for participants, financial partners make it possible for them to remain in a group as long as they need to, developing authentic, intimate relationships with fellow strugglers, and being equipped to take what they have learned back to their churches and develop like-minded communities there.



Atlanta Ministers Group:  $1000/month = $12,000/year

Isolation and its dangers are all too familiar to pastors and ministry leaders.  The Atlanta Ministers Group is a brotherhood of men in ministry who are experiencing the deep refreshing that comes in vulnerable, gracious community – a place where they can take off their titles and their armor, not be expected to lead, and be accepted and loved as human beings, just as they are, no matter their sin or weakness – and find that they are not alone.  As these leaders learn to live in authentic relationships with each other, their personal lives, families, and churches are being transformed.

Northwest Atlanta Group:  $1000/month = $12,000/year  |  Marietta Group:  $1000/month = $12,000/year

It is now a recognized fact that loneliness is killing men, both literally and figuratively.  The Northwest Atlanta and Marietta Groups are for Christian men from various parts of Northwest Atlanta and the Marietta area who are learning to take off their armor and talk honestly about the things in their hearts and lives that they usually hide and carry alone in silence and shame.  As they share honestly, they learn to live honestly – in community.  “If we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin” (1 John 1:7).

Partnership Goals and Giving Guide



To support the ministries above for current and future clients and groups, our Partnership Goal is $5000 per month or $60,000 per year.

Partners can contribute to these goals at various giving levels and frequencies.


Giving Levels

$1000, $500, $250, $100, $50, $25, $10

No gift is too large or too small.  These amounts are simply suggestions.


Giving Frequencies

Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, One-Time, or any of the options listed below on the Donation Form.


Non-Profit Info

Abiding Together operates under the non-profit umbrella of Restore Life, a 501 (c)(3) ministry.  All gifts are tax-deductible.

Learn more about Restore Life at


Non-Cash Contributions

If you are interested in donating assets such as stocks to reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes, we can walk you through the free and streamlined process.  Contact Jim at to learn how.


Donating by Mail (as opposed to electronically below)

If you prefer to donate by mail, checks may be made payable to Restore Life, designated for “Abiding Together.”  

Mail to:  Restore Life, ATTN: Abiding Together, P.O. Box 94863, Atlanta, GA 30377.

Will you join us in our mission?

You can be a part of transforming lives and congregations through authentic relationships.