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The mission of Communities of Transformation is to move families from surviving to thriving by developing personal leadership skills and building authentic relationships. 

The vision of COT is to take the church into the community, to invite the community into the church, and to build relationships that elevate families in the name of Christ. COT embraces the following additional principles:

Developing transformational leaders

  • Creating a nurturing and safe space

  • Cultivating community partners

  • Addressing systemic issues surrounding poverty

Your gift goes directly to these guiding principles. 

Your donation will: 

  • Provide the opportunity to develop leaders through our Awaken Leadership Curriculum.  Individuals who are struggling with the daily challenges of poverty are able to grow their own resource base, and lead their families and community to a thriving future. 

  • Create a nurturing and safe space that includes elements such as a shared meal, good news circle, small groups, and affirmations that create a nurturing atmosphere.

  • Provide the marketing materials and promotional items that are used at every community event as our Site Coordinators cultivate new partners. 

  • Our programs focus on systemic issues facing our families. These issues include predatory lending, transportation barriers, limited access to quality education, and lack of employment opportunities among others.

Your donation makes a difference. 

Donors may give online and designate which COT Site they wish to give to or they can make the gift directly to the organization.  For more information, please contact Jeff Keener, COT Resource Development Coordinator, at 251-210-9081 or contact your local COT Site Coordinator.