Support Catalytic Communities

Thank you for donating to Catalytic Communities! After our intense work through the Olympics, we are now slowing down our activities to focus on reaching our goal of $7000 in monthly donations in 2016, and $10,000 in 2017, which will allow us to provide our full programming for 2017 and beyond. Please consider joining us as a monthly donor, simply dividing your annual contribution up among the 12 months of the year. Every dollar adds up, so even an annual donation of $24 broken down into $2 monthly donations, makes a big difference. Because through giving monthly, you are helping us save significant staff resources and allowing us to more effectively plan our efforts. Learn more at .

And once we reach $7k, and then again at $10k, we've been promised another $10k each time to further support our efforts. Plus, for every $10 you donate throughout the year, your name will be entered once into our Rio Raffle–which will also be held when we reach $7k and then again at $10k–for a trip for two to Rio. So your monthly support not only guarantees we can move forward confidently and efficiently, but will ultimately help bring in $20,000 more in support of Rio’s favelas and get you a number of chances to visit and see our work up close in Rio!