Dear Ministry Partner,

                 We are excited to let you know that Caleb Doran has been chosen for a summer apprentice program at Teens For Christ.  Through this program, he will act as a member of TFC’s staff from June to August.  His four weeks of service will include:

  1.  Running all sound and tech on VBS trips (2 weeks)
  2. Group leader for  our Serve Mission Trip
  3. Assisting run TFC’s Guys Fishing Trip
  4. VBS prep, schedule prep, clean ups,  and other preparation

We are blessed to have Caleb in this position. He has chosen to work with TFC over other jobs.  To keep apprentice-aged youth involved in ministry with TFC, we allow them to raise funds to pay for their trip fees and earn a minimal income as an intern.  Like the rest of the staff at TFC however, Caleb will have to raise all these funds through generous ministry partners like yourself.

Our hope is that you will regularly pray for Caleb during his time in this position.  Caleb needs to find many partners who will join him in ministry by contributing one time gifts to provide the funds required to make this apprentice program a reality. Based on the programs where he will be working, Caleb’s fundraising goal for this position is $670. 

Would you consider partnering with Caleb in kingdom work through a gift toward this endeavor?  To join the team, simply fill out the form below, include your check payable to TFC, and return it in the enclosed envelope.  For IRS code reasons, do not write Caleb’s name on your check. Simply include the response form provided below. 


Ministering to and through America’s youth,


Chad Peterson

Teens For Christ, Associate Director





of your goal reached