What Will My Donation to Junior Achievement & Lemonade Day Do?

"Junior Achievement helped me so much to understand a lot about money and jobs.  I really do appreciate the donation for my school!  Junior Achievement was the best experience I ever had!"

--Magaly, 5th grade

We can't say it any better than Junior Achievement students can--Junior Achievement is a hands-on, engaging way to teach kids from Kindergarten through high school about finances, about work skills and about businesses.  Nearly 7,000 students right here in Elkhart County will engage with caring adults from the local economy for 5-7 hours each year, during their classroom day, learning about their future opportunities.  Junior Achievement curriculum help kids explore possible careers, engage in budgeting activities and become more empowered to make great academic and economic choices.

Every dollar given will stay right here for students in Elkhart County, empowering our future economy!

"Thank you for teaching us all we need to know when we are older.  I learned about business and a bunch of other stuff. I liked when we did the difference between wants and needs."

--Logan, 2nd grade

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