Fighting For

a Future

There are lots of battles we all fight. Some people have some harder ones than others... and those people are heroes. Their resilience to not give up but keep fighting is something we all need to recognize and learn from. That's why we need to join them in their fight. Many of our youth in West Atlanta have not had it easy in life. Lot's of things outside of their control have compromised their ability to flourish the way they long to. But yet they fight on, and that's why we must as well. We must join them in the fight for their futures. Westside Fight night is a way to do just that.

Every year we hold a charity fight night in partnership with NFC, X3 Sports, and Monday Night Brewing, in order to bring awareness and raise funds for our programs. You can support us by purchasing tickets and attending our high class fight nights with an open beer bar, casino, gourmet buffet and live jazz. You can also donate on this site to help make a difference.  All ticket sales and donations go to fund our youth mentorship programs through X3 Foundation and Restore Life. Your donation is tax deductible. 

About X3 Foundation

The X3 Foundation works to serve as a catalyst for change by tackling the challenges that stand in the way of underserved youth realizing their dreams and turning them into reality. We work with youth to discover their talents, strengths, and potential and develop the necessary confidence, drive, and determination to become strong leaders that thrive in life. Our main purpose is to create a desire within the youth we serve to lead, influence, and inspire their peers and communities for the better.

We believe that having an active and healthy lifestyle is a key dynamic in living a well-balanced and successful life. When a person’s fitness and nutritional needs are lacking, it is difficult to be successful in other areas of life. The X3 Foundation aims to motivate youth to stay active, make healthy food and life choices, inspire hope, build leaders, create opportunity, discover talents, and encourage the youth to dream big! If the youth succeed, we all succeed!

We currently operate a holistic afterschool program in the west side of Atlanta that serves over 75 youth. The program focuses on health and nutrition as a core foundation for overall personal success. Through partnerships with other organizations and non-profits we are able to introduce our youth to workshops in strength and talent discovery, leadership and character development, finance, banking, and investing, the arts, entrepreneurship, media and production, technology and coding, and a chess club. We also partner with other non-profits, school counselors, social workers, and juvenile detention diversion programs to offer scholarships for athletic and sports training at the X3 Sports gyms. For more information, visit

About Restore Life

Restore Life is a Westside nonprofit organization focused on holistic restoration in the lives of Atlanta’s most underprivileged and disinvested residents. Utilizing and empowering local solution oriented leaders, Restore Life helps fill in the gaps of need for many of Atlanta’s families. Whether it’s furniture, housing, job readiness/placement, food supply, counseling, education, music and production, or youth mentorship, Restore Life is there meeting these needs in a dignified way with a “hand up” mentality instead of a “hand out” mindset.

In 2016 Restore Life CEO Danny Iverson, began bringing kids on his street to train Brazilian Jiujitsu with him. The Warrior Life program was birthed and has since added boxing, football, basketball, and summer camps to its programs.  

WarriorLife’s vision is to see the youth of our community fight for things that matter. Their dreams, their family, their community, their city... We are a community that cultivates warriors who are becoming the heroes our city and world need. These young warriors are discovering the capacity embedded within them to become the change they long for in their community. As they develop in body, mind, and Spirit they are learning not to back down from the challenges this world throws at them. Through Jiujitsu and boxing, they are learning to choose their battles in life and fight each one with integrity and purpose. 

In 2017 Restore Life launched Restoration Studios, a professional studio focused on mentoring youth in the community by teaching them engineering, production and performance. Restoration Studios provides a safe place to create and is having a deep impact on the arts community of West Atlanta.  Learn more at