Terry's Journey of Hope: Finding Shelter in Saginaw

Terry's journey from Texas to Michigan was a whirlwind of emotions and uncertainty. The long flight in the middle of the night was a desperate dash to be by her son's side after a devastating accident in Michigan. In her panic, she hadn't packed much, unsure of how long she'd be away from home. All she knew was that she needed to reach her son as soon as possible.

Upon arriving at Ascension St. Mary's Hospital, a nurse there reached out to the Hospital Hospitality House of Saginaw, explaining Terry's situation and the urgency of her need for a place to stay. With kindness and compassion, the organization offered her a room free of charge for a few nights, providing her with a temporary sanctuary during this trying time.

Terry's son fought through those initial days and began showing signs of improvement over the next month he spent in the hospital. Eventually, he was transferred to Healthsource Saginaw to continue his therapy and rehabilitation. Through it all, the staff at the Hospital Hospitality House stood by Terry, offering support and understanding.

During her stay in Saginaw, Terry faced additional challenges. She had to purchase a car to run errands and visit her son at Healthsource, further straining her finances. Bills continued to pile up back home in Texas, and she couldn't work while being away.

Yet, despite the hardships, Terry remained immensely grateful for the five weeks she spent with the Hospital Hospitality House of Saginaw that allowed her to focus on her son's recovery without the added burden of worrying about where she would stay or how she would manage financially.

Terry's story is a poignant reminder of the vital work carried out by the Hospital Hospitality House of Saginaw. We offer a lifeline to individuals like Terry, ensuring that they can be there for their loved ones during their time of need. The House's mission is clear: to raise the funds necessary to continue providing support, comfort, and shelter to families in need.

Your generous donation, no matter the amount, can make a world of difference in ensuring that stories like Terry's have a positive outcome. It allows us to continue helping families during their darkest hours. Thank you for considering a contribution to this important cause. Your support helps keep families together when they need it most.


Our average guest stays with us for 4 nights. Therefore, our goal for this Giving Tuesday is $4,000, which will help 25 families stay with us without having to stress about how to pay for it!

Thanks to Glastender, all donations will be matched dollar for dollar up to $1,000!
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