Did you know suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death of 10-14 year olds in the US?

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Almost Thirteen PSA :Viewer Discretion Is Advised

After tragedy struck Brad Hunstable and his family last year, they decided to share Hayden’s story in the hopes of preventing other tragedies and inspiring positive change. A year later, Hayden’s story has been heard by thousands. It has resonated with people- helped adults rethink the way they parent and inspired kids to make a difference. 

Dream Tank empowers youth to materialize their dreams for a better world through meaningful entrepreneurial ventures. This year, we are launching the Hayden’s 13th year program, where 12-13 year olds will collaborate and design mental health solutions as well as the framework for our global online/offline youth game to tackle the SDGs, Island 17. In order to find the most creative, most empathic youth for our programs and to rally our network to support young people’s health and well being, we are launching a kindness contest on Hayden’s birthday, April 22nd. We want to hear from young people. What messages of kindness do they have for each other? What advice do they have for others who are feeling lost and alone?