Thank you for making an investment in student success! By joining boldCY today, you make a difference for students and young leaders throughout the year.

Even during the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19, Duval County students continue to dream big and strive for success. Now, more than ever, they need you – someone who believes in their future – because students living in systematically under-resourced communities are facing even greater challenges this year. Help us ensure uninterrupted service to our students, this year and for years to come. 

City Year is has rapidly adapted its service to respond to the ever-evolving needs of young people during COVID-19. City Year mentors will be more important than ever in helping students reconnect with their school community, re-engage in their learning and recover from learning loss.  

Help ensure that Duval County Public School students have a near-peer mentor and tutor in their classes, whether in-person or virtually through Duval HomeRoom, by becoming a member of boldCY. 

Together, boldCY sponsors the team serving at Northwestern Legends Elementary school. This means you'll receive quarterly updates from the team and will be kept up to date with exciting ways to get involved!