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Give or pledge a gift for The Eliminate Project by filling out this form. A Walter Zeller Fellowship saves or protects more than 690 mothers and their future babies. Other giving options offer the opportunity to impact 350, 175 or 100 lives.

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Under “Designation," please select “Walter Zeller Fellowship” or "Centennial Award" if you would like your gift to be applied toward one of these awards. If desired, your gift may be also applied toward a Walter Zeller Fellowship at a later date. Pledges for the Centennial Award must be made between October 1, 2014, and December 31, 2015.

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The Walter Zeller Fellowship may be a pledge of US$1,250 or more over two consecutive years. For all other gifts, donors have up to five years to complete their pledge for The Eliminate Project.

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If you are donating for a Walter Zeller Fellowship or a Centennial Award, please provide all of the requested information to ensure prompt processing of your recognition materials.

Notes: Zeller orders are not processed until the pledge is paid in full. Centennial Award lapel pins will be distributed with pledge commitments and framed medallions will be distributed when pledges are paid in full.

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