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APEM & Jaime Lucero Mexican Studies Institute at CUNY
  1. About

    APEM (Asociacion de Profesionistas y Empresarios Mexicanos) is a philthropic organization of Mexicans committed to improving the well-being and development of the under-served Mexican and Mexican-American communities in NYC, with focus on providing college edcuation to deserving students.

    The Jaime Lucero Institute of Mexican Studies at CUNY seeks to foster research, teaching and learning with Mexican and Mexican-American communities, provide a forum for the advancement of community-based organizations working with those communities, and promote the enrollment, retention and graduation of Mexicans and Mexican-American students in CUNY. One of our primary goals is to build an endowment of funding for scholarships to complement the funding we have already received from the government of Mexico.

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    Scholarships ($6,000.00)

    Cover most tuition costs for one semester (graduate students), or one year (undergraduates). 

    Half Scholarship ($3,000.00)

    Cover most tuition costs for half semester (graduate students), or half year (undergraduates). 

    Quarter Scholarship ($1,500.00)

    Cover most tuition costs for quarter semester (graduate students), or quarter year (undergraduates). 

    Other Scholarship ($750.00)

    Cover partial costs for a semester (graduate students), or partial year (undergraduates). 

    Metrocards ($112.00)

    Help a student with the cost of commuting to and from school and internships.  

    Books ($250.00)

    Help a student pay for books. 

    Emergency Fund ($100.00)

    Help a student cope with a temporary financial or housing crisis. 

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