About us:

Beit Issie Shapiro (BIS) was established in Ra'anana, Israel, in 1980 and has led the way in pioneering opportunities and innovative services for children and adults with disabilities and promoting their inclusion in society and the community.

Our overall aim is to change the way people perceive and relate to children and adults with disabilities, by breaking down the barriers preventing people with disabilities from full social integration, giving them the same rights and opportunities. We are committed to developing model services that serve as a guide and standard setter and through our diverse activities have an annual impact on some 30,000 people in Israel and abroad. 

We are a global leader and strive to share our knowledge in order to improve the lives of people with disabilities and create lasting social change. Through international affiliations, research, education and training programs, our impact reaches 25,000 people in Israel and thousands of others across over 27 countries.

We are the only organization in Israel whose mission is to continually develop innovative solutions for unmet needs in the field of disabilities and that has global impact.