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We have an unprecedented opportunity to purchase the land adjacent to our current school property! This would EXPAND OUR LAND from Route 72, along Long Lane and down to Water Street. This land is currently owned by North Lebanon Township and while they have permitted us to use it on occasion, our use has been on limited terms.

We believe God has opened the doors to expand our territories for His Kingdom here at New Covenant. Our school board has reviewed the documents, done due diligence to understand pricing and allowable uses of the land, and voted unanimously to proceed with purchasing this land for New Covenant Christian School. We intend to pay cash for this land purchase, incurring no additional debt. Beginning November 3rd, we invite you to join us by giving online to the EXPAND OUR LAND Opportunity with a need-based goal of $400,000.

This $400,000 would enable us to not only purchase the land, but also provide the necessary maintenance and enrichment this larger land needs. Our initial enrichment plan includes paving and adding Long Lane access to the closest parking lot, converting the middle track of land into a full-size home soccer field with bleachers, new goals, and a proper scoreboard, as well as readying the outdoor concessions stand and restrooms for the next season. Should we meet and exceed our funding goal, we will be able to fast-track further enhancements on this expanded property! We further plan to upgrade the Elementary playground equipment, pave and add walking paths to and from the Water Street parking lots, and even add overhead lights to the new soccer field for evening games!

The assets located on the land include:

  • 9.58 Acres Adjacent to the Current NCCS Property
  • 20’ x 40’ Concessions Stand and Restrooms
  • 20’ x 30’ Pavilion
  • 3 Baseball/Softball Fields
  • Outdoor Scoreboard
  • Multiple Paved & Gravel Parking Lots 
  • Storage Building/Garage for Outdoor Maintenance Equipment
  • Playground Equipment for Elementary Recess and KidZone

Owning this land would allow for our NCCS community to grow in many ways! We can better facilitate all-school/all-family gatherings and events – including Flames Fest, Homecoming, Field Day, Race for Education and more. We can expand our school’s ability to host soccer practices and games on our property (instead of traveling or using other fields) by adding bleachers for spectators, a proper scoreboard, a full-size concessions stand, outdoor restrooms and even overhead lights for evening games. Our PE classes and recesses will have more room for outdoor exercise. Our reach into the neighboring community can be multiplied with the ability to host summer camps and rental opportunities for outdoor activities. The opportunities are endless!

We would have the room to invite everyone to experience NCCS – and see what God is doing in and through New Covenant. In the end, it is all about Him. We believe that this land will help to provide new and expanded opportunities this school year and for many more school years to come!

Will you join us in this exciting God-given opportunity? Please consider what you can do as an individual, family, business, organization, or foundation to help New Covenant Christian School EXPAND OUR LAND!