Children's Cancer Connection

Connecting families in Iowa affected by childhood cancer by providing opportunities that encourage relationships and strenthen community.

Camp Heart Connection’s mission is to provide campers affected by childhood cancer and their families a secure environment to connect, grow, and create lifelong memories.

I Know Jack Foundation

To raise funds to support cancer patients and their families from diagnosis through survivorship. Our goal is to raise awareness about cancer, support those affected by cancer, assist with cancer research, and improve the survivor’s quality of life. We understand that cancer affects the entire family and that it takes a community to beat cancer.

As many of you are now aware, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer that has spread to my liver. I truly believe God has blessed me with this opportunity to raise money for cancer and to get the word out about the importance of early detection. If you're over 45 and reading this and you haven't gotten your colonoscopy, call your Dr. and schedule now!! Your insurance company will cover it as preventative care. Do not wait until 50, that standard has changed in recent years!

In the 45 days since I started my cancer journey, I have experienced unbelievable acts of kindness from friends, family, and many people in the cancer battle who started as strangers that I now call friends! When I started my chemo, I was given an “I Know Jack Foundation” backpack and I learned about Jack and the Hoeger family. If you haven't had time, please go to their website and read Jack's story, he fights cancer with the courage we can all aspire to, and even more beautiful, the family is paying it forward. The foundation makes a backpack available to all Cedar Rapids cancer patients and sends kids to the Children's Cancer Connection camp, Camp Heart Connection. I am going to help them out by raising funds to support their causes!  

Like Jack, I'm a born fighter myself. I qualified for the Boston Marathon a 2nd time this year. On April 18th, I am hoping to run (or walk) and no way am I giving up my Bib without a hell of a fight. I'm asking you to back me up and donate to these great causes so we can give them a winning check. I was in great running shape on Jan 5th and I've done all I can within reason to stay in shape. I ran 72 miles my first two weeks of chemo and I intend to keep running. 

My chemo is scheduled to end on March 21st and I will go to Mayo for a follow up at that time. I’m hoping to have surgery scheduled for late May or early June. The good news is I think I'm getting a little help from the Big guy here and I have 3 weeks after my last round of chemo to rest up and run.  

If for any reason I can't run I have a list of Cancer Warriors already entered and ready to carry the torch!  Please support me in my goal to always Challenge Myself No Matter the Circumstance and let's raise a ton of Money!!

Phil (P.G.) Decker