ICNF Ramadhan Fundraising

Ramadhan is the month of giving. Our beloved Prophet (SAW) gave more for the sake of Allah in Ramadhan than any other month. Our beloved Prophet (SAW) said that, giving for the sake of Allah doesn't decrease ones wealth, rather it will increase it. He also stated that charity is a means of protection from calamities.

We pray Allah (SWT) give you and your family good health and experience a blissful Ramadhan.

Masjid Monthy Average Expences are $7,000. Which includes Utilities, Waste, Wifi, Lawn and Supplies.

Our Unpaid Loan Amount for Next Door Property is $287,000.

Present Masjid Bank Balance is about $30,000.

Please donate for loan returns, building maintenance, cleaning, and ICNF campus keeping up. You can donate online on the following page or you can also mail the check to the following address.

ICNF P.O Box 795  Alpharetta GA 30009

May Allah multiply your good deeds, bless and protect our community and all humanity around the world. Aameen

JazakAllahu khairan.