Safe Haven After Class (S.H.A.C) is a holistic development program for children and teens living with their families in the Haven Hotel located at: 4893 Memorial Dr, Stone Mountain, GA 30083


The Problem:

Many of our City's most undeserved residents are living out of hotels, unable to secure affordable housing and viable employment. The cycle of poverty spirals families caught in these situations leaving them with very limited options. The COVID-19 Pandemic effects, the mass displacement of lower income residents from the city due to gentrification/unaffordable housing, job layoffs, or the dwindling of section 8 availability are a few of the many reasons lower income residents find themselves struggling to keep a roof over themselves and their loved ones. Hotels like Haven Hotel have provided affordable solutions for shelter and are therefore constantly at capacity. Currently the hotel has 149 rooms booked with residence and over 40 children and teens call the Haven Hotel their home. When the children get off the bus each day they have very little to do in the afternoons and are subject to negative influences, predators, and unproductivity... especially due to the fact the majority are being raised by single parents trying to work and survive.


The Program:

Haven Hotel, in an effort to meet the needs of its residents has made space available and entered into partnership with Restore Life Inc. to provide holistic after school programming. The program will accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Provide weekday after school sessions focused on the mental, physical, emotional, creative and spiritual development of the the Haven Hotel youth.

    • Tutoring/homework help

    • Creative Arts - Music/audio engineering and production/video production

    • FUN and safe recreational activities (video games, sports, martial arts etc.)

    • Daily snacks and meals that promote physical health and wellness

    • Clothing and supplies for school

  2. Provide jobs for qualified residents in the areas of tutoring, music lessons, meal preparation, and mentorship.

  3. Provide a food pantry for the families of the youth who are struggling with food disparity.

  4. Provide a space for counseling and mental health development for children as well as parents.

  5. Improve the overall experience of all Haven Hotel residents and promote a safe and healthy environment for people to flourish.


The Plan:

Time Line:

October 2021- Build out space and sign up families

November 8th - December 16th, 2021 - Pilot program

January 10th - May 20th, 2022 - Winter/Spring Mentorship Program

May 30th - July 29th, 2022 - Summer Mentorship Program

August 29th - December 16th, 2022 - Fall Mentorship Program


The Price:

Because of the intrinsic value of every human being, it is our desire to launch an excellent program the calls forth the dignity of everyone involved - The hotel owners/staff, the residents, the program leaders and volunteers and the donors/supporters who will help make this vision a reality.


Start up costs

Space Build out: $10,000

Gear (Computers, instruments, mics, cameras: $20,000

Vehicle/bus: $40,000


Yearly Budget:

Liability and theft Insurance: $3,600 (annually)

Personnel: $70,000   (Program director $36,000. Mentor stipends and TLAB rental - $34,000)

Vehicle : $12,000 (Insurance, gas, maintenance, driver stipend)

Food: $12,000 (snacks and dinners during program)

Family Assistance fund: $12,000


Total Start up need: $70,000

Total Program Operations need for pilot program and 2022: $110,000


The People:

Shahid Khan: Haven Hotel Owner

Faith: Haven Hotel Manager

Chris Dixon: Local Musician/artist/engineer/teacher

Tameka Dixon: Local Marketing director

Carl King: Local Food pantry director and videographer

Danny Iverson: Local Pastor and CEO of Restore life

Gabe Palmer: Local Pastor

Pastor Seadeep David: Local pastor.

217: Local producer


Restore Life Inc. (www.restorelife.net)

Restore Life is a nonprofit organization focused on holistic restoration in the lives of underprivileged and disinvested community residents. Utilizing and empowering local solution oriented leaders, Restore Life helps fill in the gaps of need for those they serve. Whether it’s furniture, housing, job readiness/placement, food supply, counseling, education, creative arts, or youth mentorship, Restore Life is there meeting these needs in a dignified way with a “hand up” mentality instead of a “hand out” mindset.