Sedona’s“A Rated”K-8 Tuition-Free Montessori School, Needs Your Help!

Founded in 1995, Sedona Charter School is the oldest charter school in Arizona. Over the years, our school has established a place of honor within the educational community and among families who value rigor and excellence in education. That dedication to excellence has guided our decisions this past year as we have thoughtfully responded to the COVID crisis. However strong in motivation and enthusiasm, we are feeling the financial strain caused by the many unexpected costs of COVID.

We have created an engaging distance-learning program, ensuring every student has a computer to continue schooling when in-person classes are not possible. Our musical strings program and fun after school electives continue to flourish. We have invested in HVAC air purification systems and UV light sanitizers to keep our classrooms safe. Outdoor areas have been enhanced to expand our learning spaces into the great outdoors. Hot water heaters have been upgraded to create hand washing stations in each classroom and hand sanitizer stations were installed at every entrance. We further have funded daily cleaning of high touch surfaces and weekly deep cleaning of the campus. These investments, along with enrollment fluctuations, have left SCS with a budget shortfall.

Please donate to our Covid-19 Relief Fund to help SCS!

2020 has been a year like no other and we are all well aware of the global hardships created by the COVID pandemic. Our beloved Sedona Charter School is determined to thrive through this trying time, forever committed to our mission to challenge each child to achieve excellence. We are diligently working every day to create a safe and stimulating environment for our students. Your support will allow us to continue to achieve excellence through individualized education.

We are asking you to give. We also ask that you share this message with your circle asking them to give as well. Thankfully, we remind ourselves that this hardship is a moment in time. We can work through these changes together, knowing SCS is confidently moving toward a brighter future.