ABC/M Online Registration and Payment

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The Annual Business Conference/Meeting (ABC/M) is the once a year event at which S.L.A.A. members and other members of the service structure meet to participate in discussion of issues, F.W.S. business, and ideas that will affect the Fellowship as a whole.  In accordance with Massachusetts state law, it is a requirement to hold an annual meeting to, at least, elect a new Board of Trustees.

The Conference is the voting body of Delegate members of S.L.A.A. Intergroups/Groups, members of the BOT, senior staff as interpreted by the BOT, members of the F.W.S. Administrative Staff and the Journal Editor.   The Conference provides direction and constancy to F.W.S., and it is the primary channel through which the widest possible group conscience can be formulated.

Every S.L.A.A. member is welcome to attend all Conference functions; however, only Conference members will be allowed to vote during the ABM. If you are planning to attend the ABC/M, but do not wish to act as a Delegate you may need to pay some Conference Fees. All non-business events such as speaker meetings and entertainment are open to everyone.

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