We often find ourselves thinking of health as an individual concern: calories counted, steps tracked, fitness goals set. But being healthy is, at its heart, a community effort, and one that is particularly collaborative when it comes to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Parents, guardians, and caregivers work as a team in order to help their loved one be as healthy as possible. That responsibility, which spans birth through adulthood, can also feel daunting.

This spring, The Arc of Essex County is investing in new ways to equip our consumers, residents, families, and staff with the tools they need to thrive. For example, we recently launched our “Couch to 5K” initiative that helps participants prepare to compete in a timed track event. But our overall goal is much bigger, to provide comprehensive wellness programming that spans the lifetime of the individuals we serve, including:

  • Family workshops that focus on specific life stages, such as puberty and menopause 
  • Nutrition courses for special diets that feature meal-preparation seminars
  • CPR and first aid training
  • Strength and fitness wellness classes 
  • Self-care clinics

At The Arc we have always prioritized the health of our people, and we pride ourselves on our ongoing commitment to help our consumers thrive while also providing needed support to our families and staff. Today, we are committed to taking our wellness initiative to the next level through a dedicated fund that will focus on healthy programming for our Arc community.

Your contribution can immediately bolster this effort. Please donate to The Arc of Essex County’s 2023 Spring Appeal and help individuals with IDD gain access to new opportunities to take care of their bodies and minds, and equip our staff and families with the tools they need to care for themselves and their loved ones.

Together, let’s strengthen our community. Your generous support will make a difference. Please give today.