For some, it’s a headset and microphone, primed for an enthusiastic podcast discussion about a subject that is near and dear. For others, it’s music production software for creating new sounds and making adjustments to favorite songs. For a group of children, it could be a touchscreen that enables interactive lessons, combining hands-on STEAM activities with virtual learning. 

No matter the age or the interest, when someone is given the right technological tools and permission to explore, the world opens up and possibilities are unlocked. The options are as boundless as cyberspace and as varied as the unique individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities served by The Arc of Essex County.

At The Arc, we are always looking for ways to foster creativity, learning, and independence for children and adults with IDD, and are excited to deliver such new and innovative opportunities to the people in our programs. But we need your help; there’s so much more that can be done when we remove the limits of outdated equipment. With your support, The Arc can invest in new technology and electronics that will provide participants in our Adult Day Programs, Saturday Children’s Respite Program, Adult Weekend Respite, and Studio Arc classes with more opportunities to express themselves, develop new skills, and connect with peers. 

By upgrading and adding new desktop computers, touchscreen monitors, laptops, printers, and other IT equipment, we can increase the scope and depth of our offerings throughout our services at our program centers and at Studio Arc. Such technology will better equip The Arc to:

  • Enhance our Job Club and training opportunities
  • Host small group classes with Kibu, a platform with engaging content that includes fitness, recreational, job, and life-skills classes
  • Create new consumer-led publications and podcasts
  • Track inventory and survey feedback for the vending machine management program
  • Stream videos for small groups and individuals on subjects such as self-advocacy, health, wellness and nutrition, and education
  • Support STEAM-based curriculum with Game U
  • Explore music production technologies with children and adults in our programs

And so much more! 

As an Arc supporter, you know The Arc of Essex County works tirelessly to help the children and adults we serve live their best lives. One of the ways we do this is by offering a variety of programs that foster creativity, learning, and independence for our participants. By investing in the latest technology, we can supercharge those efforts and open new worlds and possibilities to the hundreds of adults and children in our Day, Respite, and Studio Arc programs.

Help us reach our goal to make these technological enhancements by donating $25 today toward this effort. Every dollar donated will expand opportunities for children and adults in our Arc community as they explore their interests, talents, and potential. And all donations received before June 30, 2024 will be TRIPLE MATCHED thanks to a challenge grant, so there’s no better time to give than today.

Thank you for your support. Your generosity makes a difference!