Celebrate Earth Day

The Earth Day Challenge is EarthShare Washington’s annual month-long event aimed at enhancing awareness of the environment, getting people engaged in protecting and restoring it, and promoting the companies making a tangible difference. The event features an online platform (www.earthdaychallenge.org) that encourages teams and individuals to contribute to or volunteer for our state’s leading environmental organizations. This platform and related activities provide opportunity for public recognition of our sponsors and corporate partners.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship of the Earth Day Challenge supports the efforts of 18 local nonprofits working every day to protect and restore our natural environment, keep our communities healthy, and make sure the Seattle area remains a great place to live and work. Your recognition as a sponsor provides:

  • Alignment of your CSR goals with your employees’ values
  • Public recognition as an environmental champion
  • Exposure via social media to a broad public audience (60,000+ households)
  • Opportunities for team-building and community involvement

There is no better time to affirm your company’s commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment – a commitment that extends to the efficiency of your operations and the values and vitality of the communities where your employees live and work.

Sponsor the Earth Day Challenge