What is the Bankhead Renaissance?

The Bankhead Renaissance is a collective movement of numerous individuals, artists. activists, businesses, non profits, churches and government officials who believe the ill effects of gentrification in the Bankhead Community can be confronted and counteracted by empowering the next generation of grass root leaders to:

  • Live in mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness
  • Receive a culturally relevant education and vocational skill set
  • Learn the language of the tech revolution (IT and coding)
  • Start new local businesses
  • Develop and publish positive and justice oriented art
  • Beautify and preserve the best of Bankhead's legacy
  • Launch initiatives that address the vocational, financial, residential, physical, mental, and emotional roadblocks to human flourishing.
  • Awaken restoration and revival in the hearts of people feeling trapped and hopeless


All donations are monitored and utilized through the Bankhead Renaissance Counsel - a collective of local leaders committed to working together to release the renaissance in the Bankhead community. Donations are processed through Restore Life, as the fiscal sponsor of this initiative. Restore Life is a recognized non-profit organization per IRS Code 432.56.215-B. All donations are Tax Deductible.