Freedom Lodge, a nonprofit leader in the field of intergenerational healing, believes that each of us has a role to play in the health of Tribal nations and Mother Earth, and that each of us has wisdom and a contribution to make through a deep remembering of who we are. For Freedom Lodge, this knowledge is held in our bodies as a walking library of our ancestors. Freedom Lodge provides online and in-person Historical Trauma Recovery counseling for indigenous adults, families and youth. The Freedom Lodge Clinic provides Somatic Archaeology©sessions at their offices in Rapid City, SD.  Their confidential and personalized counseling provides immediate relief for those in recovery from boarding school legacies, Veterans and War Survivors, and those suffering with depression, anxiety, anger, grief, emotional distress, addiction, chronic pain and spiritual disorientation.  Freedom Lodge also shares their work at professional conferences, universities, hospitals, and in Tribal consultations, ceremonies, veteran gatherings, youth groups, and with K–12 schools.