You can help address structural racism in health care by supporting Robert Sanchez to make organ donations accessible for communities of color. Robert knows firsthand how hard it is to get a transplant–when he went into kidney failure, he couldn’t find a match. He put his desire to live out through social media–and found a match from someone who he had supported in the transition from incarceration back to life. Robert learned how the process of organ donation discriminates against people of color and how often people end up with a kidney that has a short “shelf life.”

The Jentosy Project aims to increase the match-rate of Black and Brown people with end stage renal disease with a healthy live kidney transplant. They aim to overcome the significant racial inequities in match rates, lower quality of organ transplants, and increase trust and awareness in Black and Brown communities. They create a support system for Black and Brown donors and patients by helping them learn, be better informed and prepared to navigate the process of organ donation.  Read more about Robert Sanchez’s story here.