Bill Chott, Co-Founder- Improv Curriculum/Actor

  • Mission: To empower kids of all abilities to gain confidence to be successful in life through creative expression.
  • Vision:  To create a world where kids of all abilities can achieve great things- united by the Arts.   

WeKanTu Kidz Kamp:

Everyday, children are told by peers, adults, or even themselves that they can't. At WeKanTu we see a need to help lift up kids of all abilities and empower them to believe they can and channel their potential into success. We encourage kids of all abilities to challenge the bias that we see today in the world against children who don't meet societal norms. Whether it be Autism, Social Anxiety, Down Syndrome, ADHD, or any other ability; we all have the power to break out of our shell and be the best we can be. Help us shape the next generation of kids. Remember, if YOU can, WEKANTU!

WeKanTu Kidz Kamp is a yearly on-site camp with breakout sessions in Dance, Improv, Social Emotional, and team building activities. We will bring in professionals in fields within the arts who have previously struggled in their lives and careers to lead hands-on workshops and model how they learned to channel their own abilities into success. Some of the professionals we already have will be listed below, however, we will continue to grow and bring in new professionals who can bring insight. Imagine a yearly camp where a child can go and hear about the experiences of those who have pushed through and finally feel heard. Where they can start to understand their individual abilities and learn how to channel them towards success. They will think- "If they can, WEKANTU"! The empowerment and confidence these children will feel when leaving our camp will be as great as the beaming smiles on their faces. Help us give children the chance to experience what its like to truly be themselves and work towards success, no matter what others try to tell them.  Tentative date Summer of 2024 

Our goal is $1,000,000 by the end of the year. Please share as every gift makes a huge impact. Won't you help send a child to Kamp WeKanTu? 

Ways you can help:

Your loving monetary gift

Join our mission as a volunteer

Host an event

Theses are only a few of the many professionals involved:

Bill Chott- Improv Curriculum (Actor)

Abby Lee Miller- Dance Curriculum (TV Personality)

David DeLuise- Acting Coach (Actor)

Sheryl Musgrove- Social Emotional Facilitator

Board Members:

Bill Chott, Abby Lee Miller, Sheryl Musgrove, Lance Britt, Monica Allen, Carlton Caudle, Jerome Reuben, Ryan Boudreaux, and Kimberly Dickey.

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